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Angular.js JSON Shopping Cart
I created a Shopping Cart using Angular.js that works both on websites & all mobile devices.  It includes:  * 100% pure JavaScript with MVW (i.e., "whatever") architecture  * Safe, fast, and allows new payment methods. Supports PayPal, Google Wallet, Stripe.js
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Objective C Native iOS IPhone App with PhoneGap Embedded
Here is the powerfuil solution I created for the iPhone written in Objective C that creates a frame in Objective C and puts a PhoneGap WebView as a component INSIDE as a web “subview.” This gives you the PhoneGap APIs inside of your NATIVE iOS Objective C App. Using this approach if a user clicks on an external link it will always be displayed INSIDE the native Objective C frame that holds the PhoneGap webview so the frame with the controls never goes out of scope. I wrote this Objective C sample you can download.

HTML5 Animation Editor

I wrote this HTML5 animation Editor using Fabric.js for creating old-style ImageMaps and to create and animate a new type of ImageMap. This editor will also allows you to create and animate SVG graphics with a few mouse clicks. My editor is now being used to create dozens of high traffic, high profile websites that allow users to design everything from cars to homes.

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Samsung Smart TV Apps

I create SmartTV Apps you give away on TV that search out WiFi enabled Smart TV Sets and install themselves directly on the Smart TV's computer chip along with my StationBreak Cable Guide™ that allows you to send your TV Spots and Infomercials on the user's TV Set no matter what show they are watching--how cool is that?

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2-D & 3-D HTML5 Mobile Chess
My free HTML5 JQuery Mobile 2-D & 3-D Mobile Chess that also compiles perfectly in PhoneGap and Cordova.
Plays at Grand Master Level. Full Source Code..
Now you can add Grand Master Chess to your mobile Apps. Also works in native builds on iPhone & Android.
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Native Java Android App with PhoneGap as a Subview
Here is the powerfuil solution I created for the Android Phone written in Java that creates a frame in Java, and places a PhoneGap WebView as a component INSIDE as a web “subview.” This gives you the full power the PhoneGap APIs inside of your NATIVE Android Java App. Using this approach you can access native features like the camera or contacts etc from Javascript. And the user will always see any website displayed INSIDE the native Java frame that holds the PhoneGap webview. I wrote this Java Sample in Eclipse that you can download.

TaskbarNotifiers, Resizable Skinned Popups with Video
I show you how to create C++ and C# apps that are 69Kb that display in any language. And how to create skins in HTML5 with a non-rectangular video,  and how to make skins resizable by loading the non-rectangualr regions from files or resources and scalling regions using XFORM and Transform. I created a DLL that can be used by other apps.
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My RssFetch JQuery Plugin

I wrote this JQuery Plugin with $.ajax() instead of $.getJSON() to access the Error callback.
I piped all AJAX errors through my AJAXFailHandler() which manually executes a callback, passing the fail response. This plugin is easy to use with plenty of exmaples.

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