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Universe that pays YOU Real
Cash for Shooting Monsters!
React.js Rubik Cube by Bill SerGio
Download Source Code
Rotate entire cube by touching outside cube
or center cubes. Touch cubes to rotate layers.

WebRTC Video Conferencing for FREE with Cool Effects!

  • The Big Lie About WebRTC - You don't need an expensive TURN Server! There are dozens of FREE STUN Servers we incude that will make a perfect and 100% encrypted connection 92% of the time for users.
  • WebRTC Only Takes A Few Minutes to Add to Any iPhone or Android Mobile Phone.Includes Full Source Code for adding WebRTC Video Conferencing to any mobile app!

TV Commercials Make YOU More Money Than Mobile Ads Where You Get A Lousy Penny per Thousand Views!

Steaming TV Commercials, i.e., Videos, to our Angular SwipeClouds® Mobile App is done from your website using JSONP and adding new TV Commercials or whole channels like your YouTube Channel takes only a few minutes.

Features That Drive Sales

Bill SerGio's Angular SwipeClouds® Framework sample mobile app comes with the features below to help you start making money immediately.

  • Display Your Monetized Videos Selling Your Products  from HUNDREDS of Tube Servers
  • Displays TV Ads from Keystone Manufacturers that will PAY YOU 50% of each sale.
  • Allows Unlimited Distributor IDs to Track Commissions Owed to YOU & That You Owe
  • Givers Users MILLIONS of FREE Movies & How-to-Videos in the App & On Their TVs
  • Integrates with Our FREE Angular Shopping Cart
  • Include PayPal, Google Wallet, and Stripe.

Play Videos in Our Mobile App or on Any Smart TVV

Our source code includes code for playing videos on Smart TVs. Users use your mobile app to select content like top-rated movies and then they can watch what they selected on their Smart TV.

We Included 4 Themes and You Can Create New Themes with ThemeRoller

In my SwipeClouds® Framework I used JQuery Mobile's ThemeRoller to create the following themes as shown below:

  • light
  • dark
  • ios7light
  • ios7dark
To change a theme you simply call changeTheme like:
(click)="changeTheme($event, 'ios7light')"

We Included 6 SwipeClouds But You Can Have as Many as You Want.

SwipeClouds® can be stored Locally or Remotely. Each image in a SwipeClouds®, when clicked, loads THOUSANDS of Videos related to that topic.

  • dronesCloud - Drones Videos
  • solCloud - Solutions for Cancer & Other Diseases
  • politicsCloud - The Nastiest Political Videos
  • eduCloud - Best Teaching Videos
  • gamesCloud - Collection of Games
  • sportsCloud - Sports Videos